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To wake up in the morning with nothing to feel excited about.

To go to school or work and have no one to laugh with.

To come home to an empty room.

To feel alone is to understand that today will feel be no different to yesterday.

And that tomorrow will look exactly the same.


And then, as always, anxiety sets in and grows.

The feel of being trapped, within yourself, with your own thoughts.

Trying not to take up space.

To avoid. To disappear.

The “Loneliness pandemic” is already here.

The World Health Organization warns that 1 out of 4 people in the world is afflicted by it
Loneliness profoundly harms mental and physical health, attacks all ages, all genders and exempts no one, regardless of status.

Thousands of people suffer from loneliness, undetected within in our closest circles, and are unable to live their fullest lives.
This situation is only getting worse.

Loneliness, social anxiety and avoidance is hard to deal with and no one should be left to struggle alone.
It is important to understand that this is not an unavoidable destiny.
A great deal can and must be done!
Help and support is available.

At Rakefet NGO we are dedicated to confronting this pandemic of loneliness and social isolation ,
social anxiety and avoidance that is crippling the lives of so many around us.
We help them live fuller, happier and less lonely lives.
Due to worsening social distress and the exacerbated circumstances, Rakefet itself needs partners in this journey.
Appeals for help are mounting nationwide.
In order for us to take in more participants from all over the country and to make sure that no one is left alone,
we must expand our NGO’s outreach.

We invite you to join us and help us reach our compassionate goal.
Together - we can change lives!
#Overcoming loneliness - together!

Contributions are recognized for tax purposes under Section 46 of the Income Tax Authorities; a suitable receipt will be produced for each donation


Rakefet NGO was founded in 2013 and aims to change the harsh reality of those who deal with social anxiety.

The NGO operates nationwide to eradicate loneliness and social avoidance, through a unique model that has proven to be highly effective in improving personal and social abilities and developing social skills.

Additionally, Rakefet promotes professional discussions that are based on knowledge and inclusiveness, providing a holistic support system to those in need and bringing forth positive and impactful change in their lives.

We invite you to take a part in this important mission, for a healthier, more inclusive and developing society in Israel.

כשאנחנו נותנים, לא רק את התרומה אנחנו מרימים, אלא גם את עצמנו

When we give, we not only contribute to others, but also to ourselves